Information technologies
for airports
s a result of many years of experience in display systems design, Transinform is now able to offer its new product the monitors intended for collective use, based on wide-format TFT LCD panels with embedded PCs. The monitors with screen sizes of 32, 42, 47 or 55 inches represent the latest generation models of color liquid crystal TFT panels. A built-in controller allows to generate images on the monitor screen and to control most of the image properties over the local network, based on the specified program or operator commands directed from a workstation or a central server. The application of state of the art technologies and the use of industrial quality components allow achieving a very high image quality in terms of brightness, contrast, and full color. The images displayed are free of blinking, jitter, and geometric distortions. Anti-reflex glass contributing to image contrast enhancement also provides protection against tampering, while the embedded computer intended for built-in systems is extremely robust, contains no electromechanical parts, and supports a highly flexible functionality. Constant monitoring and the Watchdog function create truly invaluable capabilities to ensure uninterrupted operation of FIDS. The monitor design features support displaying Video and S-Video images. The monitor has a simple and service-friendly design to encompass elegant appearance and compact size. These features not only address the issues of customer service technology, but also contribute to the attractive terminal interiors.

The TFT LCD monitors are not the only devices to be integrated into FIDS. Depending on the specific terminal architecture and customer preferences, we are able to provide panels based on liquid crystals, flap indicators, large LCD boards, etc. During the preparation phase of each project for building a visual notification system for travelers, Transinform will be actively involved in designing and, if requested by the customer, will manufacture the supports for monitors and illuminated signs. When faced with the task of creating a FIDS in any given airport, we exercise a comprehensive approach to the task at hand. In addition to the FIDS supplied to the customer for outfitting the airport, we provide static illuminated signs that are meeting the IATA requirements and are manufactured to fit the monitor design style including matching color patterns. In the systems development and commissioning, we at Transinform assign a high priority to the training of customer's personnel and providing support throughout the entire system life. During that period, the personnel may at any time receive consultations and make real time modifications to the control software applications, which are normally required in the long-term facility operation due to the changes in terminal architecture or traveler service technologies.