Information technologies
for airports
or more than 25 years, Transinform has been developing computer based IT systems for airports. The Company is focused on the tasks the airlines have to face in the field of information technologies, and sees the travelers and technology of providing services to the travelers as the first priority. This approach allows the Company to achieve outstanding results, approximately 70 task oriented projects have been implemented in Russia and other CIS countries, to upgrade the airport terminals with information systems tailored to the needs of specific terminals.

Transinform is one of the few companies in the world, manufacturing and developing both the equipment and proprietary software for Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS). Transinform serves as a single-source FIDS supplier carrying the full responsibility for the work performed. General structure configuration of FIDS will be determined by the specific requirements of each airport. FIDS configuration may vary greatly, ranging from simple configurations with a single stand-alone workstation and several monitors, to highly complicated configurations comprising multiple workstations and hundreds of monitors with various screen sizes and display principles.

Automated multi-language Voice Information Digital audio Systems (VIDS) based on the daily flight plan may become an important part of FIDS, and are widely used by our customers. Such systems allow supplying the travelers with voice data covering the complete service process.